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Faculty & Staff 2022-2023

  Name Title Group Contact
Betsy Anness Anness, Betsy Teacher World Languages 312
Greg Anthony Anthony, Greg Transportation Coordinator Staff
Lindsay Astraitis Astraitis, Lindsay Guidance Counselor Guidance 239
Chelsea Berg Berg, Chelsea Teacher Science 305
Jeffrey Boudon Boudon, Jeffrey Teacher World Languages 328
Jennifer Bretz Bretz, Jennifer Administrative Assistant Admissions, Performing Arts 264
Megan Bronson Bronson, Megan Teacher English 315
Kevin Cawneen Cawneen, Kevin Vice President of Finance Staff 250
Melissa Clark Clark, Melissa Assistant to the Principal Staff 225
Lea Crowley Crowley, Lea Administrative Assistant to Athletic Director Athletics 226
Mark Crowley Crowley, Mark President Administration 222
Joseph Dobbins Dobbins, Joseph Department Chair Social Studies 327
Edward Dubeansky Dubeansky, Edward Assistant Maintenance, Staff
Dennis Ebner Ebner, Dennis Instructor English
Alison Ellis Ellis, Alison Department Chair / Campus Minister Theology 256
Jamie Elvitsky Elvitsky, Jamie Nurse Staff 246
Stephen Eppich Eppich, Stephen Department Chair Mathematics 344
Rachel Fier Fier, Rachel Teacher English 310
Meg Finegan Finegan, Meg Teacher Mathematics 339
Jennifer Fox Fox, Jennifer Teacher English 337
Maghen Frindt Frindt, Maghen Dean of Academics Administration 223
Susan Gehring Gehring, Susan Receptionist Staff
Marty Gibbons Gibbons, Marty Admissions Health & Physical Education
Ashley Graff Graff, Ashley Intervention Specialist Intervention 307
Melissa Grai Grai, Melissa Teacher Science 318
Tabitha Halcomb Halcomb, Tabitha Teacher English 323
Nicole Hufgard Hufgard, Nicole Teacher Science 314
Stephen Lombardo Lombardo, Stephen Intervention Specialist Intervention 307
Emma Maloney Maloney, Emma Director of Admissions Admissions 236
Brandi Mandzak Mandzak, Brandi Teacher Theology 300
Robert Matsumoto Matsumoto, Robert Teacher Mathematics 213
Lisa Matthies Matthies, Lisa Counselor Guidance 238
Thomas McKrill McKrill, Thomas Principal Administration 269
Tina Meeks Meeks, Tina Teacher Visual Arts 218
Karen Moffett Moffett, Karen Vice President for Finance Administration
Matthew Moran Moran, Matthew Teacher Administration 241
Kevin Morton Morton, Kevin Intervention Specialist Intervention 341
Sami Najpaver Najpaver, Sami Teacher Science 306
Adam Nestor Nestor, Adam Teacher Theology 320
Alicia Paradise Paradise, Alicia Teacher World Languages 329
Andrew Piczer Piczer, Andrew Teacher Social Studies 326
Scott Posey Posey, Scott Department Chair Performing Arts 317
Mary Ridler Ridler, Mary Teacher Technology & Innovation 346
Carla Ronnebaum Ronnebaum, Carla Director of Advancement Staff 234
Christine Ronzi Ronzi, Christine Department Chair Science 321
Erik Schroeder Schroeder, Erik Athletic Director Athletics 259
Erich Schulz Schulz, Erich Teacher Social Studies 345
James Simonis Simonis, James Driver Staff
James Slike Slike, James Teacher Performing Arts 235
Richard Smith Smith, Richard Director of Technology & Innovation Technology & Innovation 276
Jennifer Stanicki Stanicki, Jennifer Finance/Business Office Assistant Staff 228
Stacy Starcher Starcher, Stacy Spirit Store Manager Staff 244
Steve Suppa Suppa, Steve Director of Building & Grounds Maintenance 229
Sherry Tedeschi Tedeschi, Sherry Teacher Mathematics, Theology 302
David Thorne Thorne, David Teacher World Languages 249
Matt Trem Trem, Matt Director of Marketing & Communications Staff 232
Laura Tyler Tyler, Laura Teacher Social Studies 303
Vince Urankar Urankar, Vince Teacher Mathematics 308
Bill Weaver Weaver, Bill Director of Alumni Relations Staff 233
Kelly Wolf Wolf, Kelly Department Chair Visual Arts 221
Patty Wroblewski Wroblewski, Patty Counselor Guidance 274
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