ACT Prep

Mr. Fuller and Mrs. Turner will offer an ACT Prep class this January. This is the twelfth year Lake Catholic will host our own ACT Prep class, although this year there will be a new virtual option for our distance learners.  
The class will run on: 
January 25 , 26, 28, February 1, and 2 
The time of the class is 3:15-4:15, each session 
The location of the class will be the Global Learning Hub (previously known as the Long Distance Learning Lab) 
The Price of the course is $125 
Registration for the course is required using the form below.
All materials will be supplied by the instructors. Virtual learners will need to contact Mr. Fuller ( or Mrs. Turner ( to make arrangements to pick-up class materials and to obtain access to the virtual class.  
The class will be taught via Simultaneous Learning, allowing for real-time collaboration between in-person and virtual students. 
Due to COVID-19, students need to provide their own writing utensils. Practice Booklets and Notes will be provided. 
Questions/Concerns? Contact Mr. Fuller at