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Arts Overview

The mission of the Arts program at Lake Catholic is to touch the hearts, minds and souls of the artists, fellow students and Lake Catholic community.

The purpose of a thriving artistic community is multi-faceted. For the high school aged artists, it is about growing and maturing as young adults through their personal exploration with art. For non-artistic students, being exposed to art can open new possibilities and broaden their perspective on the world. Creating an appreciation for art, self-expression and the artists themselves can be a powerful learning environment at a critical stage in life.

2020-2021 Awards

Best Musical 2021 “Godspell” (Mentor/Painesville Rotary Clubs)

Best Male Lead in a Musical 2021 – Dominic Orlando ’24 in “Godspell” (Mentor/Painesville Rotary Clubs)

Best Male Support in a Musical 2021 – Armand Washington ’21 in “Godspell” (Mentor/Painesville Rotary Clubs)


Programs Offered



Visual Arts


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