Guidance Department

Individual student counseling is a vital component of the comprehensive educational program of Lake Catholic High School.

The purpose of the Guidance Department is to facilitate the students' intellectual and personal development, encourage students' self-definition and independence, and assist them in defining and attaining personal goals. 

The Guidance Department is staffed by four counselors, three intervention specialists, school psychologist, and administrative assistant. Every student in the school is provided guidance and counseling in the following areas:                   

  • Coordinate student schedules
  • Progress in school subjects
  • Interpret standardized test
  • Explore students’ college and career options
  • Address student concerns

If students or parents have any academic questions or concerns, they should contact their school counselor. Their counselor will set up meetings with the students and any other parties if necessary.  Students can meet with their counselors by signing up in the Guidance Office.

Students and counselors meet throughout the year to review academic progress, course selections and electives to ensure all graduation requirements are being met.  Students are encouraged to monitor their progress by using NetClassroom.  Parents can request a meeting with the school counselor by emailing or calling them directly.

Guidance Staff

Lindsay Astraitis '04
Guidance Counselor
Grade 11
440-578-1020 ext. 276
Ms. Astraitis, a graduate of Lake Catholic, received her Master's Degree in School Counseling from Kent State University. She enjoys her ongoing interactions with the students she works with and she encourages students to meet with her whenever her support and assistance is needed.  



Christa Hovey
Guidance Counselor
Grade 10
440-578-1020, ext.237
Ms. Hovey received her Master's Degree in School Counseling from Kent State University. Over the last 6 years, she has worked in multiple schools across the diocese. She is excited to be joining the Lake Catholic family as the sophomore guidance counselor, and looks forward to helping students achieve success here at Lake Catholic.

Lisa Matthies
Guidance Counselor
Grade 12
440-578-1020 ext.238

Mrs. Matthies is a graduate of the University of Kentucky where she earned her B.S. as well as the University of Louisville where she obtained her M.Ed. Her teaching career began in Kentucky in 1978 as an Intervention Specialist. She then moved to the Cleveland area, where she taught junior high language arts at All Saints for eight years. She joined the Lake Catholic staff in 1992.  She enjoys interacting with the students at the high school level and helping them reach their potential.

Patty Wroblewski
Guidance Counselor / Intervention Specialist
Grade 9
440-578-1020 ext. 347

Mrs. Wroblewski received her Master's Degree in School Counseling and Bachelor's Degree in Special Education from Cleveland State University. She has worked at Lake Catholic High School since 2006 as an intervention specialist and is excited about joining the counseling staff as the freshman guidance counselor.  Patty works closely with the students and their families in order to achieve success here at Lake Catholic.

Candice Simmons
Intervention Specialist
440-578-1020 ext. 342

Ms. Simmons earned her Bachelor of Science in Special Education in 2001 from Kent State University and her Master's of Education in school counseling in 2012 from Cleveland State University.  She has worked as an intervention specialist at Lake Catholic since 2002. She is committed to participating in students' growth and development as she witnesses their progress during their time at Lake Catholic.

Kevin Morton
Intervention Specialist
440-578-1020 ext. 341

A native Clevelander, Mr. Morton received his Bachelor’s Degree from Valparaiso University for History and Secondary Education.  He later earned his Master’s Degree at Cleveland State for Curriculum and Instruction and has worked as an Intervention Specialist at Lake Catholic since 2006.  He facilitates student learning and helps all students reach their goals.  He particpates in creating a supportive environment for staff and students.

Sandra E. Mackemull
Licensed and Certified School Psychologist
440-578-1020 ext. 239

A resident of Lake County for over twenty-five years, Mrs. Mackemull has an undergraduate degree in education from the University of Akron.  She  has a Master’s Degree from the University of Akron in School Psychology. She has worked at Lake Catholic since 1995, and it gives her great pride to witness the growth so many students achieve during their time at Lake Catholic.

Joanne Randazzo
Administrative Assistant 
440-578.1020, ext 258

Mrs. Randazzo has been a part of the Lake Catholic community since 1986 when the first of her four daughters started high school.  In November of 1991, she started working in the Guidance Department, and has enjoyed assisting students during their time at Lake Catholic.  Watching students go through the college and career selection process is very rewarding to her.