Ed Choice Scholarship

Several updates and changes to the EdChoice Scholarship Program have been announced by the Ohio Department of Education. Here are a few commonly asked questions our office receives regarding the changes. If you have additional questions, please contact the Admissions office at 440-578-1020 x 236 or

Additional information can also be found on the Ohio Department of Education website

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  • Who “Owns” EdChoice Scholarships?

    Each year the Ohio Department of Education designates public schools that qualify students to receive the Educational Choice Scholarship (EdChoice).
  • How Much Is An EdChoice Scholarships?

    The EdChoice scholarship provides up to $6,000 annually to each qualifying student to be used towards tuition at a participating private school. Lake Catholic High School is a participating private school.
  • How Do I Qualify for an EdChoice Scholarship?

    Students qualify for the EdChoice Scholarship based on the public school building they would attend if they attended public school.  The full list is available on the Ohio Department of Education website.
    Note: You can only receive one ODE Scholarship at a time (EdChoice, Jon Peterson, etc.) 
  • What Schools Are Eligible For the EdChoice Scholarship?

    Lake County
    • Fairport Harding High School (June 2019)
    • Harvey High School (June 2019)
    • Heritage Middle
    Geauga/Cuyahoga County
    •  Berkshire High School
    •  Bedford High School
    •  Richmond Heights High School (June 2019)
    •  Euclid High School (June 2019)
    • Cleveland Heights High School (June 2019)
  • What if my school comes off the list?

    Once a student receives the scholarship, they will continue to receive it provided they:
    1.   Continue to attend a participating private school
    2.   Fill out their EdChoice application (verification) every year
    3.   Do not move outside of the area of a qualifying public school
  • What is the Process For Obtaining an EdChoice Scholarship?

    1.       Apply to Lake Catholic - (Online Application; Teacher Recommendation Form; Records Request Form)*
    2.       Enroll at Lake Catholic – (Register for classes; Sign tuition contract; Determine transportation). This is necessary because the state requires only one participating school be listed.
    3.       Complete EdChoice Application. The EdChoice Application window is February 1 through April 15. If your child is eligible for EdChoice, please bring your completed request or renewal form along with a copy of your child's birth certificate and copy of proof of residency up to Lake Catholic. 
    4.       Submit EdChoice Application to Lake Catholic. Please be sure to include a copy of your child’s birth certificate and proof of residency (a recent utility bill with your name and address).

    * Catholic Grade School Students will apply to Lake Catholic through their school in January.

    Official information is available on the Ohio Department of Education website.

    Once available, links to EdChoice Applications will be added to this page.
  • EdChoice Updates

    EdChoice Update
    There was much speculation about what if any changes would be occurring after the EdChoice window was postponed to April 1. Based on what we read yesterday from the Ohio legislature (and will eventually read on the Ohio Department of Education website) we believe the following has been decided:
    • Eligibility for EdChoice for the upcoming school year is limited to the 517 school buildings that were on the list for the 2019/2020 school year
    • The expanded list of school buildings introduced in November of this year (which took the total list to 1,227 buildings) will not be eligible. (e.g. Riverside, Wickliffe, Eastlake North)
    • School buildings on the list prior to November will remain eligible.
    We understand this could be unfortunate news for a lot of families. We will be reaching out directly to any family that might qualify for any other scholarship from the Ohio Department of Education and will be readdressing Lake Catholic’s own financial aid program so see what more we might be able to do at this time.
    Should you have questions or would like to discuss your family situation, please contact Emma Maloney (Class of 2024) or Karen Moffett (Current students). While there is a lot going on right now, we will endeavor to respond to you as quickly as possible.