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2023 Team

Lake Catholic Boys Rugby, founded in 2013, was only the second high school rugby team on the East side of Cleveland.

Rugby is one of the country's fastest growing sports as it provides every player the opportunity to run the ball, tackle and score!

Our program makes safety the highest priority and we continue to look toward success in every new season.

Parent Testimonial

"We could not be more happy that our sons James and John had the privilege to play for the Lake Catholic rugby team. From the first day they attended practice as juniors, they were hooked on the sport. They went from not knowing anything about rugby, to talking about it non stop around the house. They looked forward to practices, and would talk about how they wanted to improve, and how they planned to recruit their friends and other students from Lake Catholic to join the team.

"They loved that it is a gentleman’s sport; always helping their teammates or opposing players up off the ground during the game, and having pizza with them afterwards.

"The coaching staff is amazing. Many of the players never played rugby before, so the coaches had to teach them the fundamentals of the game and push them out of their comfort zone. They were always positive, encouraged the team to be better, but joked around and had a lot of fun with them.

“Our sons had a goal that they wanted to make it to the state championship their senior year for rugby, and they achieved that goal. We all had so much fun!! They are now going on to play rugby at Ohio University. We are so grateful that they found this unique sport, and have found lifelong friends. I would recommend to any parent to encourage their son to play for the Lake Catholic rugby program. They will be very happy that they chose to play.”

~Julie O’Keeffe, mother of James and John (both Class of 2022)

Program History

Coaches Records

Steve Tyler (2015-2019)                         20-25

Liam Monahan (2021-present)        

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Liam Monahan ('15)

Asst. Coach: Michael Seifert ('13)

Asst. Coach: Corey Davis ('15)

Asst. Coach: Ryan Cahill ('15)

Asst. Coach: Jonathan Jarrous

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