March Madness Squares - Feb/Mar

2020 March Madness Squares Pool
A Fundraiser for the Lake Catholic Alumni Association
  • 100 squares will be sold at $50 per square with a total of $2,500 being paid out to the winners
  • There will be a total of 63 total winners and every square could be a multiple winner
  • All proceeds will benefit Lake Catholic Alumni Association Initiatives
Sell Them To Family, Friends, Coworkers – All Are Welcome!
The pool works as follows: Each square is assigned two (2) numbers, the top side being for the winning score and the left side for the losing score. At the end of EACH GAME, the last number of each team’s score will determine the winner. For example, a final score of 85-73 would mean that the square with the number 5 from the top line (winning team) and the number 3 from the left side (losing team) would win. The numbers for your square(s) will be randomly assigned and a completed block pool will be emailed to you and you will keep the same numbers for all 63 games. All winnings will be paid out after the tournament is over.
Payout Breakdowns
Round 2: Games played March 19 and 20 – 32 winners of $15 each
Round 3: Games played March 21 and 22 – 16 winners of $25 each
Round 4 (Sweet Sixteen): Games played March 26 and 27 – 8 winners of $50 each
Round 5 (Elite Eight): Games played March 28 and 29 – 4 winners of $100 each
Round 6 (Final Four Semi-finals): Games played April 4 – 2 winners of $200 each
Round 7 (National Championship): Game played April 6 – 1 winner of $420
How To Pay:
• Drop cash (preferred) or checks (Made out to Lake Catholic Alumni Association) at the school marked LC Alumni Association March Madness
• Pay with Venmo – Contact Tom Dragar for more information

March Madness Form
Have Questions?
Tom Dragar / / 440/567-6146