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As Pope Benedict notes, Christianity "is not a new philosophy or a new form of morality. We are only Christians if we encounter Christ... We can also encounter Christ in reading Holy Scripture, in prayer, and in the liturgical life of the Church - touch Christ's heart and feel that Christ touches ours. And it is only in this personal relationship with Christ, in this meeting with the Risen One, that we are truly Christian” (Pope Benedict, Vatican City, Wednesday Audience, Sept. 3, 2008). Retreats are one of the ways we invite our students to encounter Christ in the process of their education at Lake Catholic. Each year of school brings a new retreat opportunity:

Our Freshmen begin the year with an introductory retreat, led by faculty and senior leaders at Red Oak Camp. This retreat focuses on building relationships and introducing the class to the prayer life of Lake Catholic High School.

Our Sophomores will attend a prayer retreat held at Regal Vineyards in Geneva. This retreat focuses on prayer life with individual time for reflection and prayer. 

For questions on Freshmen and Sophomore Retreats, contact Mrs. Alison Ellis at

The Kairos retreat is offered to our Junior and Seniors, with separate Girls and Guys events. This is a three-day, two-night retreat, held at the Jesuit Retreat House in Parma, and led by senior leaders. It is a powerful experience, and forms our students to be empathetic, spiritually aware leaders in our school and in the world.

For questions on Guys Kairos for Juniors and Seniors, contact Mr. Gregg Stovicek at

For questions on Girls Kairos for Juniors and Seniors, contact Mrs. Alison Ellis at

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