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Service is an integral opportunity that allows students to achieve excellence outside of the classroom. Lake Catholic is committed to seeking opportunities for our students to serve others in our community.

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Cougar-to-Cougar Initiative

Lake Catholic High School enjoys a close-knit relationship with St. Thomas Aquinas Elementary School in Cleveland. Multiple events are organized for service opportunities, all school drives, and special projects. We love our little Cougars!
For questions, contact Mr. Gregg Stovicek at


Feed My Lambs Meal Ministry
We make our commitment to the hungry and the homeless with food preparation as our personal connection to people in immediate need. On the last Tuesday of each month, we prepare 60 hot meals for Project Hope for the Homeless in Painesville. We also make 200 sandwiches and pots of soup to be served at St. Malachi Hunger Center in Cleveland. Students and adults join to make these meals in a spirit of solidarity and fellowship.

The monthly cost of this program is $500 and we hope you will consider an exciting underwriting opportunity of the Feed My Lambs Meal Ministry Program. We hope you will join us in our efforts to help people in need from our community. For more information on underwriting opportunities click here.
For questions or more information, please contact Mrs. Alison Ellis at aellis@lakecatholic.orgor 440-578-1020 ext. 256.


Nicodemus Pallbearer Ministry

This special ministry allows us to serve others while reinforcing the consistent ethic of respect for life from conception to natural death. Our scholars respond to requests from families in need of pallbearers or altar servers for wakes, funerals, and graveside services. Humbled and honored, we pray with the families and act as representatives of our greater Catholic family with respect and compassion.
For questions, contact Mr. Gregg Stovicek at


Service Requirements

Lake Catholic High School students will use the MobileServe app, which logs, tracks, and verifies service. A start-up guide of how to use the App is available by scrolling down. Opportunities for service are promoted on the website and e-mail, on CBN News, and in Theology classes. To see the opportunities currently available, please visit the Service webpage at


The following parameters are designed to help students plan out their service for the school year:

Freshman: The Community Service Program is incorporated into the Freshmen Theology Curriculum. Students will complete ten hours of service throughout the year.

Sophomores: Fifteen hours of service to a church community completed by June 1, 2019. All hours must be tracked within the MobileServe app.

Juniors: Fifteen hours of service to a disenfranchised population completed by June 1, 2019. All hours must be tracked within the MobileServe app.

Seniors: Ten hours of service to Lake Catholic completed by March 1, 2019. All hours must be tracked within the MobileServe app.

Students must verify service using at least two of the means presented through MobileServe (geo-verification, name & email of the site supervisor, a signature of the supervisor, and photos of themselves in action), one of which MUST be the supervisor's email. Students should double-check that they have entered the correct email address. Students should participate in a variety of service experiences that take them outside their comfort level over the course of the high school years.

Students are asked to record ALL service. Any service beyond the minimum requirement or performed outside the specific categories for the grade levels should be categorized as “Additional Service” on the App. All additional service hours performed will be added to the total service hours to be counted towards service awards. All hours must be turned in by March 1st of senior year to be considered for service at graduation. Students who have not completed their service requirement for the previous school year will need to make up those hours during their current school year. Those students will be notified within the first few weeks of the school year. All requirements must be met in order to graduate and participate in graduation activities. Those who have not met their required service hours will not receive their schedules for next year until necessary documentation is turned into the Service Office via MobileServe. Students may begin accumulating hours as of June 1st of their eighth-grade year.


MobileServe App

Downloading the App

Open the Apple App Store or Google Play Store on your device.

Search for the application: MobileServe.

Install the application to your device.

Don’t want to install the app on your device? Bookmark the Web App @

Creating Your Account

Open the app or go to the web app & select Sign Up.

Enter your contact information, create a password & select Next.


Add an optional photo to your profile or save it for later by selecting Next.

Enter the code corresponding to your grade level to join LCHS:

Class of 2020 – E92BEA

Class of 2021 – C578C9

Class of 2022 – 661A84

Class of 2023 - 0246FB

When your grade pops up, select Join.

Record Your Service Hours

When you complete service, open your app before leaving the location.

Add in the hours, the name of the organization, and a detailed description of what you did.

Be sure to add a category that your service falls under so it is added to our program.

Add in your supervisor name and email address (and double check the spelling of the email), and have them sign it if possible. Be sure to tell your supervisor to expect an email from Team MobileServe to verify your hours.

In order to have hours approved, we NEED an email verification, along with a signature, geo-location, or pictures.

Once this is completed, click submit. Once we verify these hours, there will be a green check next to each log (under activity in the menu on the side).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is my org code?

Use the corresponding code under the Creating Your Account section above.

How do I reset my password?

From the login page, select “Forgot your password?”

Enter the email address you used to create your account, and you’ll receive a message with instructions to finish the reset process.

If you do not receive an e-mail, send an e-mail to MobileServe at and they will reset your password manually. Be sure to send the e-mail from your Student Google Apps account.

Why do I have multiple accounts?

You may have multiple accounts if you’ve used more than one email address to log in to your account or if you used Facebook. If you’d like to merge them, email or chat with us and provide the following information:

The email address associated with the account you want to keep (in your Account Settings).

Whether you want to merge any hours from the account being deleted.

Can I belong to more than one organization?

Yes! You can enter an organization code when creating your account, and you can add or remove organizations at any time in your Settings.

When you belong to multiple organizations and create a log, you can select the organization you want to associate that log with. You can choose multiple organizations, and you can also not check any of them. If you don’t select an organization,, you will receive an alert asking if you’re sure you don’t want to report the time to an organization. Select Continue to move forward.

How do I add a photo after submitting a log?

You can add a photo by editing the log, adding the photo, and submitting the changes.

Who has access to my information?

Only the Administrators of your MobileServe account have access to your service logs, like Mrs. Ellis.




Questions? See or e-mail Mrs. Ellis!

"Working with our students is an honor that I enjoy more and more each year, watching them grow spiritually through service to others is a special experience."

- Mrs. Alison Ellis, Campus Minister

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