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Any students with an individualized education plan (IEP) or service plan (SP) qualify for the intervention program. Students with an accommodation plan (504) are able to receive their accommodations through the intervention program at Lake Catholic.

During the application process, the intervention team will review plans and student needs for services to be provided. Students with an IEP or SP will receive their services during a regularly scheduled study hall, so they are not pulled from their classes. Students with an IEP or SP are assigned to an intervention specialist to help meet their needs and foster student success across the curriculum. Students with accommodation plans or 504 plans are supported by the guidance staff.

The intervention specialists provide support in academic coursework, self-advocacy development, and individualized goal achievement. The intervention team offers support for testing as determined by student plans, which may include small group, extended time, and read-aloud. They collaborate with general education teachers in all areas to provide student accommodations as needed. They also coordinate with home school districts for students who receive the Jon Peterson Scholarship.

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