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In order to graduate from Lake Catholic High School, a student must have a minimum of 25 credits (1 credit = 2 semesters). These graduation requirements include coursework mandated by the State of Ohio Department of Education and several additional courses required by Lake Catholic High School. The distribution is as follows:

4.0 Theology

4.0 English

4.0 Mathematics

3.0 Social Studies

3.0 Science

2.0 World Languages

1.0 Fine & Performing Arts

0.5 Physical Education

0.5 Health

0.5 Financial Literacy

2.5 Electives



In order to meet the required 25 total credits for graduation, electives are to be selected. The elective units can be chosen from fine arts, performing arts, technology, world language, or other department courses not otherwise required. Beyond the required credits, students must also do the following:

Pass the IOWA or meet state minimum scores on the ACT.

Complete fifty hours of community service.

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